Execute cPanel scripts from SSH

Here are the scripts provided by cPanel that you can use to automate, configure, fix some issues or install some components. Note that in order to run these scripts, you need root access. The scripts are located in /scripts directory.

Just login as root through SSH. Browse to /scripts directory:

cd /scripts

Some common files and their usage

You can run any of the files presented in /scripts directory.

addns - add a dns zone

addfpmail - add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them;

addfpmail2 - add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them;

addnetmaskips - add the netmask to all IPs that have no netmask;

addnobodygrp - adds the group nobody and activates security;

addpop - add a pop account;

addservlets - add JSP support to an account (requires tomcat);

adduser - add a user to the system;

betaexim - Installs the latest version of exim;

biglogcheck - looks for logs nearing 2 GB in size;

buildeximconf - rebuilds exim.conf;

chcpass - change cPanel passwords;

easyapache - recompile/upgrade apache and/or PHP;

exim4 - reinstall exim and fix permissions;

fixcommonproblems - fixes most common problems;

fixfrontpageperm - fixes permission issues with frontpage;

fixmailman - fixes common mailman issues;

fixnamed - fixes common named issues;

fixndc - fixes rndc errors with named;

fixquotas - fixes quota problems;

fullhordereset - resets horde database to a fresh one and all previous user data are lost;

initquotas - initializes quotas;

installzendopt - installs Zend Optimizer;

killacct - terminate an account, just make sure you take a backup of the account first;

mailperm - fixes permission problems with inboxes;

park - to park a domain;

pkgacct - used to backup an account;

restartsrv - restart script for services;

restorepkg - restores an account from a backup file (pkgacct file);

runlogsnow - update logs of all users;

runweblogs - update stats for a particular user;

securetmp - secures /tmp partition with options nosuexec and nosuid;

suspendacct - suspends an account;

unsuspendacct - unsuspends a suspended account;

upcp - updates cPanel to the latest version;

updatenow - updates the cPanel scripts;

updateuserdomains - updates userdomain entries. 

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